Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Along Came Glimmer

Jarett attended a lot of the GD meetings and outings with me. Knowing I wanted to raise another puppy, I some what talked him into starting a puppy. He loooooooves black labs (I think because he was madly in love with Teagan) so we signed up for another black lab female. We were assigned the letter "G", and were to receive her on "Fun Day", 2006.
It was the first Fun Day we've attended, and, well to be a little lame... it was fun. When we showed up that morning, we were handed a booklet that had all the litters out being raised in it. The purpose of these books is so you can meet up with your puppy's littermate at a scheduled time. We cheated a little and looked in the back of the book and found Miss "G"'s birthdate. I don't remember all the names. I do however, remember that there was a Glitter and a Glimmer. When we mentioned to the volunteer that checked us in we were picking up a new BLF Letter G, she began informing us about how she works with one of the puppies, Glimmer and continued on about how she was a lover. Sure enough, by the time Jarett walked off stage with our newest family member, we had a Glimmer.

This Picture is of Jarett and Glimmer right after he was presented her on stage at the Guide Dogs for the Blinds campus on Fun Day 2006.

She was FAT. So fat, that when we got her home in the middle of summer I thought she was going to die of a heat stroke. Her breathing on the first night was so loud I kept waking up when I didn't hear it. We did everything we could to keep her cool, and even got a fan and blew it in her direction.
Like all puppies, she quickly grew. To put Glimmer into words would be "non-stop energy".
Most of my memories of Glimmer are affiliated with another part of my life. While raising Glimmer, the house Jarett and I lived in caught fire (which explains the lack of photos). (haha, I just found some of the lost photos!!!) Luckily, we were home at the time; luckily, the neighbors alerted us; luckily, I jumped into surviver mode. All I cared about was getting my two dogs (Carla our Great Dane, and Glimmer) out (the cat was at my mom's due to some remodeling, that was very much undone from the fire). I mean, we were lucky in so many ways. All that mattered was no one was hurt.
Our house after the fire.

Unfortunately, Glimmer was dragged between all the fire trucks, which set us back. For a dog that is sooooooo optimistic, it was very upsetting. We worked to get her used to the exhaust of large trucks, and thankfully she recovered. It was heartbreaking enough when Teagan had been dropped, I didn't want to go through that again.

Glimmer as a puppy.

Glimmer around 6 months old.

Glimmer at home wearing a crown.

Glimmer dressed up at our Christmas outing.

September 24 2006 was Glimmer's recall date, Jarett's mother decided to join us for the ride to give her back. With Teagan, I couldn't even look at her, let alone walk her over to the basket of blankets and toys, proceed into the kennel run, set up her kennel, give our last goodbyes, and go our separate ways. With Teagan, I just handed her over. With Glimmer, I walked to the opening of the hallway of the kennels while Jarett did the remaining steps. Wooohooo, one step further!!! From there we went into the kennel kitchen to pick up Egypt.
It didn't take too long to hear news about Glimmer's progress. What did take long was Glimmer getting approved for the breeding program. On April 14th 2007, she graduated and became a part of the breeding program. Glimmer went to a great family with a young child who adores her.

Jarett and Glimmer working at eye contact at her last training meeting.
Jarett, Me, Glimmer, and Egypt at Glimmer's graduation as a breeder.

Glimmer a.k.a Nimmer, Nimmer Pie, Pie

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